How to Install Sound Deadening

It is so refreshing to finally be putting something into the van. I probably jumped way ahead of what we needed to do but sometimes you just have to feel like you are moving forward. I always hate the beginning of a project. It always feels like you put tons of work into whatever it is only to have very little to show for it. The prep work takes ten times longer than we ever expect. In teaching we always use the term go slow in the beginning only to go quick later on. I think the analogy still stands for any big project. The foundational pieces of projects are fundamental but slow going. My impatient nature loves to jump in and get busy though. So here we are installing the sound dampening even if it was a little early.

One of our many reasons for buying a van was having something to work on together as a family. The last couple years have been hard for many of us and our family was no exception. It was so sweet when we first started this project we had a family meeting about how this project would take a lot of our extra or fun money for the foreseeable future so we all had to be on board with it. Greyson went running to his piggy bank and meticulously counted all of his money and proudly brought it to us to help pay for the van. My mommy heart was so proud of him. He has since changed his mind as only a 7 year old does and would rather spend his money on a nerf gun. Even so, every time they want to come out and help I dance a little happy dance. Greyson was pretty excited about this project, he is his fathers son and anything that allows him to celebrate his inner perfectionist is a good time for him.

Make sure you spend some time prepping your space. Anywhere you plan on applying the sound deadening material needs to be washed with soapy water and then wiped down with rubbing alcohol to make sure the glue sticks properly. After that each wall segment needed to be carefully measured and cut carefully with scissors. I would highly recommend wearing gloves as the edges of the material is extremely sharp as you cut it. Each piece is carefully placed onto the wall area and only peel a little bit of the back off at a time unless you want a big mess. If you are like me, and often like to learn things the hard way, by all means rip that whole piece of backing paper off and revel in the giant sticky mess it leaves everywhere. Just do not share with your husband unless you want him to hover and micromanage because he can not handle if things are not done as perfectly as possible. After you place all the sound deadening material on the wall you have to carefully roll it out. I read the instructions well into the task, and it actually says roll until the diamond shapes disappear, so I had to go back and reroll many of the original pieces as I only gave it a light roll. I highly recommend enlisting your child or some extra help for rolling because it is time consuming and extremely boring. If you can’t find someone else to roll it for you find a good podcast to listen to because it takes way longer than you would expect it to.

We were pretty meticulous about getting sound deadening on as much of the area as possible, because, well, perfectionism runs rampant in my household. However, there was a lot of sound deadening material already installed in our van as it was a passenger bus. The manufacturers were far less concerned about covering every spot. They basically put precut rectangles in every spot, as the way the sound deadening works is it absorbs the vibrations of the van. Now my understanding is limited to Kindergarten curriculum about sound waves but common sense tells me that they way the manufactures did it was probably more than ample but you decide what works for you. I would hate to have regrets later on because there is no way I am stripping this van back down to to bare metal again.

Little hands are highly recommended for putting the sound deadening materials in the smaller spaces. I have watched several hundred hours on van builds over the last year and I have never noticed anyone bothering with the little spaces but you decide what works for you!

If you look closely at this picture you can see how the manufacturer’s installed the materials -there’s is the white stuff and we added the silver materials. We used the Noico sound deadening materials that we found after a fair amount of research and it was priced reasonably with good reviews. We do plan to apply it all to the floors and wheel wells but the van is not completely stripped down to metal at this point. Here are our affiliate links to the materials we used:

Noico Sound Deadening (
Noico Sound Deadening (

After this point I looked at the roof and I decided what was already there was good enough to see us through. How much noise does the roof of a vehicle really make anyways?

“Perserverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other” ~ Walter Elliot

Sometimes life has a way of throwing curveballs at you and sometimes all you can do is be grateful for the lessons you have learnt along the way and all the struggles and disappointments that have led you to this point. One thing that might be important to note about our journey, is that years ago, when we started dating, I came into this relationship with more tools than Aaron did. I owned my one convertible screwdriver that was a gift when I went off to University. No independent strong willed female should be without the one screwdriver that will fix all of your problems. Nevertheless, if someone had told me back in those days that one day we would have the skills or the motivation to take on a project of this caliber. I would have laughed you out of the room and Aaron would have been no different. It just goes to show that if we can do something like this you can as well. What hidden desires do you keep hidden because you are worried about what the world will think. If money or time were not a concern what would you do with your life? Leave your answers in the comments below. Recently I had a conversation with someone and they were comparing their partner to Aaron and talking about all the projects and stuff that he does around the house. Tim Hiller a football player turned inspirational speaker says it best, ” Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle, or your middle to someone else’s end.” You can read more about him on the link below if you are curious.

Tim Hiller

Life is short and can change in an instant. Do those crazy things that have kept hidden. If I have learnt anything from this process, it is firstly, that yes, people will think you are crazy, but more people will be fascinated and intrigued -in all honesty most people are too busy worrying about what you think of them to worry about judging you. Secondly, everyone will have an opinion on how to do a project like this. Do your research and be ok with the decision you make because everything, and I mean everything, in a van build has a million “right” or “best” ways of doing things. Lastly, do it anyways. Too many of us spend far more time doing things because it is expected of us. We only have one life to live and we have to live it on our terms. When we do not listen to our own inner voice it takes a toll on our mental health and wellness. Mental wellness is a gift and one that should never be taken for granted because when it is gone it is a lot harder to rebuild.

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting” ~ Wishes Quotes

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